Women and We Will Not Stop Fighting


The first day I was a girl was in my backyard with my brother picking up brush to burn in a pile and my dad said I had to put a shirt on that summer even though it was hot and my brother was shirtless and I was six or seven and helping clean up the backyard and it was a wooded lot down a long gravel drive and there was nobody to see it but I was a girl in that heat and always would be – Stevie Edwards

Throughout history, there have been laws and policies put in place over the years to help protect and promote women from discrimination. For every policy there has been “helping” women move up in the world, there is a hidden clause which a majority of citizens do not realize. While after 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote, in 1924 there was a policy passed where women have a curfew on working, unless you were a sex worker working to please men. Which then would result in more women becoming sex workers because that would be the only way to “work at night” to provide money for themselves. In 1932, The National Recovery Act was passed which, “forbids more than one family member from holding a government job”, which made the outcome of many women losing their jobs over their husband.

It is now 2022, and women are still fighting for the same rights as men. Women fight for the same respect, integrity, and power that men do- supremely in sports. While there have been improvements such as whistleblower policies, Title IX, Roe V. Wade, there are still major “if, and, or buts” to every scenario.

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