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I’m pro-choice because, if the government took away my choice, I would choose abortion.Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain more.Other governments have put laws in place governing children. Some have forced women to become pregnant and bear children. Some have put restrictions on the number of children women could keep. Personally, I think that once you give the government control of reproductive choices, you cannot take that power back.If I wasn’t given the choice to keep my child, if my only options were adoption or an abortion, I would choose an abortion.I have felt and lived in the pain that can come with being adopted. I can tell you that it isn’t always being grateful that your birth mother decided to give you life and give you away.Sometimes it’s if the woman who carried you in her belly for nine months ever even held you in her arms. Sometimes it’s knowing that she carried you for nine months but didn’t think of a name for you. Sometimes it’s knowing that you were ripped away from a beautiful culture and language. Sometimes it’s knowing that your adopted parents tried to have their own children first. Sometimes it’s knowing that you were never really wanted.

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