The person standing behind the addict


People talk about addiction and how great their recovery is, how becoming clean was the hardest thing they have ever done, and the greatest.

Now you see, no one talks about the person who stood behind them, picking up the broken pieces. No talks about the person who was the only person to support the addict.

But I’m that person, I’m that person that has hope and faith. I’m that person who is afraid they will relapse.

Witch they will, it’s a part of getting sober. Everyone relapses, but when they do it’s the fear of if they come back or not.

I’m that person in the back ground cheering the addict on. Saying “you got this” and “you can do this, I’m always here”.

I’m that person who’s anxious mind goes all crazy, when they pick up that drink or take that pill. Thinking this time will be like the last time….or worse.

I’m that person who locks their self in the bathroom to hide the crying from the addict.

I’m the person down on my knees praying to God that they stay sober, because they are happier this way.

I’m that person who gets in an uproar when the wrong people come around and bring temptation….when someone is new to becoming sober you have to pull away from certain people.

I’m that person who almost loses faith when they go back down the rabbit hole.

I’m that person in a consist war against myself rather to stay or to go. This person needs your support but it’s emotionally draining.

I’m that person who loves this addict more then I will ever love myself.

And know that if you are this person standing behind the addict….that your not alone. I feel you and I see you. We are all in this together.

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