The CEO wants to ensure that groupthink doesnt occur and compromise


The CEO wants to make sure that groupthink doesn’t occur and compromise the qu. Essentially, this means that the entire team has the same ideas and opinions. This type of skewed thinking can lead to disastrous decisions. Many companies have failed because of groupthink. Too much conformity clouds decision-making and offers only one side of an issue. This kind of skewed thinking can cause problems, and the CEO wants to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the company.

While the CEO doesn’t want to admit it, groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that discourages creativity and individual responsibility for decisions. This leads to bad decisions by the team. A famous example of groupthink is the Columbia disaster, in which three astronauts died. Kelly, a NASA astronaut, says that it’s crucial to avoid groupthink and to encourage individuals to make their own decisions.

Several factors can contribute to groupthink. These include high cohesion within the group, isolation from outside sources, direct pressure on dissenters, and lack of methodical procedures for information search. The CEO wants to make sure that groupthink doesn’t happen and compromise the qu. The CEO wants to make sure that group members aren’t subject to pack journalism and make decisions based on personal bias.

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