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It’s June, which means it is finally that time of the year. Summer which means goodbye snow and hello sun, and of course PRIDE! That’s right, it’s the month of love and nothing but. This is one of my favorite months because everything is so carefree and enjoyable that I don’t believe in the word ‘stresses. There is no need especially when everyone just wants to love love love.

Pride originated 50 years ago representing the celebration of the LGBTQ community. I for one love the idea that especially nowadays; more people are starting to recognize Pride for what it truly is rather than for what it’s not. I remember years ago when I was in High School, I went to my first Pride parade and remember thinking how happy everyone was to be there. There was not one angry distressed person in sight. Nothing but a better sight to see. Parades should be all about celebration and freedom. Now although I identify as a heterosexual female, that shouldn’t mean anything different. Just because I’m straight doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t support the love in the LGBTQ community.

I feel that society has taken such a turn on certain things to where being non-hetero should be accepted by everyone. I could never understand why anyone should be rejected just because they are not the same as everyone else. It makes me sick at the fact that there are certain people in society that just truly cannot accept. What makes someone special is their uniqueness. It’s how they challenge the average norms, and how it is going to change certain perspectives. What makes someone truly unique is their way of looking at life as a whole. By accepting others on their uniqueness it means that we will start getting ahead as a society. I remember last year I was walking past a young boy and while the parade was going on I remember him saying ‘ew, that’s disgusting…’ I remember thinking in my head ‘how could you?!’ But then I remember that no one’s really born with that type of ignorance. Ignorance simply comes from what others seem to adapt around them. You are what your environment is. When you’re taught to hate, you adapt that same hate. When you’re taught to love, you adapt that same love.

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