Sebastian Fundora Biography – Everything You Need to Know


In his boxing career, Sebastian Fundora has won 17 bouts and he has a perfect record with 19 knockouts and five unanimous decisions. His last fight was against Nathaniel Gallimore on August 22, 2020. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 153.5 pounds. His zodiac sign is Capricorn and he is compatible with people of Taurus, Virgo, and Leo. He is goal-oriented and has a positive attitude.

Born December 28, 1997, Sebastian Fundora was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is the son of a successful boxer, Freddy Fundora. He has a Capricorn star sign and is most compatible with people born in Taurus and Virgo. He has a positive attitude, and is very determined. As a boxer, his net worth is estimated at $1.7 million in 2021. His professional career has earned him lucrative earnings in 17 fights, including his recent victory over Victory Toney.

His background has also been noted. His father was Cuban and his mother was Mexican. His family lived in hard times, but now he is a top-tier boxer. Despite his mixed ethnicity, the renowned fighter has not been linked to any romances. He stands at 6’5 1/2″ with an eighty-inch reach. He is a imposing, muscular super-welterweight with a southpaw stance.

Sebastian Fundora’s biography is filled with detailed information about his life. His girlfriend, age, height, and weight, his social media accounts, and net worth are all included. His father, Freddy Sr., is a former boxer. His mother, Gabriela, is an accomplished 119-pounder. And her sister, Isabella, is a ranked 118-pounder. These facts are only a few of his many accomplishments in his boxing career.

The boxer was born in Puerto Rico and his parents are Mexican and Cuban. He is an American native who has millions of fans on his social media accounts. His father was from Cuba and his mother was from Mexico. Aside from his professional career, his personal life has also been extensively documented in his Wikipedia bio. His parents are of Mexican descent and his mother is from Cuba. He has not been married yet. He is still unmarried and is still single.

The young boxer began his career at an early age and started training in a boxing gym. He was nine when his family moved to California. His family trains at the Coachella Valley Boxing Club in Palm Desert, about 130 miles from Los Angeles. He weighed 155 pounds when he made his professional debut in 2016, defeating 16-pound Jose Cardenas in a 72-second KO. Then, he switched to a professional style and won his first fight, a victory in a match against Shawn Owens at the Minneapolis Armory.

Sebastian Fundora has had a successful professional boxing career. He has fought in 19 bouts and won 17 of them by knockout. In addition to winning the majority of his fights, he has a perfect record. His ten knockouts in the pro ranks are impressive. Although he is still only a

child, his incredibly hard work and determination has paid off. He was born on December 28, 1997 and his father is a professional boxer.

At nine years old, Sebastian Fundora moved to California to train for boxing. He trains at the Coachella Valley Boxing Club, which is located in Palm Desert, about 130 miles from Los Angeles. He first learned the sport at the gym of his father, which is in an office building. Then, he trained for a year with a local trainer and began training at age fifteen. Currently, he is a professional at the Coachella Valley Boxing Club.

Born in Florida on December 28, 1997, Sebastian Fundora is an undefeated super welterweight prospect. He has a perfect record of 17-0-1 as a pro. His father is a Cuban and his mother is Mexican. His mother is unmarried. The two are married and have a daughter, Sebastian. The family lives in Miami, Florida. He has one son, Sofia.

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