Online Therapy and Online Psychology


Below we discuss what you can expect from online therapy and psychological services, and address some common concerns regarding these services and treatment. Virtual therapy has gained momentum in recent years, and talking to therapists virtually through a video call or in-app messaging has allowed therapy to become more accessible and convenient. As virtual therapy and counseling are becoming more popular, you may be wondering: are these therapists real people? When you have relationship issues or behavioral health issues, you may prefer to share your feelings with a human being, not a robot, and that’s understandable.

Is online therapy a legitimate option? The short answer to this question is: yes. Virtual psychologists are real humans who went to graduate school. Therapeutic professionals that you find virtually are often some of the same professionals that you may encounter offline. Offline mental health professionals and psychologists are also using the power of technology to take their practices virtually, become internet-based, and stay just as effective with the use of live chat and video sessions. Virtual mental health professionals and psychologists have the same credentials as offline practitioners. Reputable therapists and counselors share the same licenses and credentials as traditional, in-person counselors and therapists.

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