One Tree Hill’ Over The Years


One Tree Hill” so many year later will always remain iconic beyond its years. There’s too much to love about this show, there’s barely anything to hate. One of the main reasons behind the show’s success is the music and not many came to realize that over the years. As seasons progressed, it was literally the only show during its prime-filled years to play top charts and newly discovered artists. Helloooo, does Jane Kramer or Kate Voegele ring a bell? I mean, let’s be real. Mark Schwan is actual genius. He even plays a record store owner in the show.

For all the OTH lovers out there who can point out the little moments, of every season of every episode – I wholeheartedly solute you. From all the Naley moments, the performance at Tric, and the drama and heartache in between here’s the best songs from “One Tree Hill” that we were graced with for as long as we did:c

As my summer days at home come to a close, I have begun to think about my experiences over the past four months, and I wanted to reflect on the last year of my life. Last August, I began the terrifying new experience called “college” three hours away from home. The two semesters that I have spent at my small, private college in the rural south have been hard and stressful. Nevertheless, I’ve loved every single minute of what I can consider to be the hardest eight months of my life. I’ve made lifelong friends, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. That’s not why I’m writing this, though.

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