Oliver Lawal: A UV Technology Innovator


Oliver Lawal resembles numerous researchers and designers in the UV innovation field, with scholarly interests that length a wide reach. At the University of Manchester England, where he considered electrical, mechanical and computer programming, “I was unable to settle on one field of study,” reviewed Lawal, “so I graduated with various degrees and a comprehension of a few regions.”

From that point forward, Lawal has lived and worked in six unique nations and his skill added to numerous significant activities in UV innovation applications. “My most memorable contribution with UV was as a Project Manger in the United Kingdom. I chipped away at the primary huge scope UV establishment utilizing variable power electronic balances driving low-pressure combination lights,” recollected Lawal. After this, he dealt with an UV establishment at a thermal energy plant in France. Lawal then proceeded to deal with the biggest UV wastewater project on the planet (around then) in Auckland, New Zealand.

These undertakings have added to Lawal’s standpoint and vision for UV innovation. In this developing field, innovation is advancing rapidly. Lawal alludes to this development as the water-energy-innovation nexus. “We can assist with guaranteeing manageability of our most valuable assets for people in the future by growing endlessly better specialized answers for our water and energy stresses,” remarked Lawal.

Oliver Lawal’s family has been engaged with the energy business for quite a while. His granddads were engine sport aficionados and this assisted with animating his underlying interest in innovation and designing. However it was Lawal’s folks’ advantage in ecological issues that eventually driven him to a lifelong in water. He reviews his dad’s remarks about the distinction in encountering oil or water deficiencies communicated along these lines: “On the off chance that we run out of oil tomorrow, we’ll be generally driving electric vehicles. Be that as it may, in the event that we run out of clean water tomorrow, driving will be the most unimportant part of our concerns.”

Lawal’s expert life is testing and fulfilling. Today, he’s a board part with International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and he is leader of Aquionics Inc., an organization with a 30-year history in selling and keeping up with UV water sanitization innovation to city and modern water and wastewater markets in North America. Lawal imparts a birthday to Amelia Earhart, and he maintains to have a similar feeling of experience as her. In his recreation time, he appreciates riding bikes and driving racecars, exercises that build up his interests for innovation and experience.

The UV innovation industry has changed since he started his vocation in the last part of the 90s and it will keep on advancing. “According to the point of view of gear plan and activity there is no doubt that our capacity to all the more precisely foresee and control process execution has expanded emphatically,” notes Lawal. New procedures like computational liquid elements, microbiological examines, power control and UV-C observing are more refined and more ordinary at this point. “This has brought about extraordinary upgrades in energy utilization and a decrease in functional gamble,” notices Lawal.

Lawal accepts that development and improvement in UV water sanitization innovation straightforwardly affects the general wellbeing, by controlling microbes out in the open water and wastewater supplies. “The sheer expansiveness of uses seen today, focusing on quite certain outcomes, is faltering,” says Lawal. “The decrease of endocrine upsetting mixtures, all out natural mixtures, ozone, chloramine, chlorine, cryptosporidium and infections are typical and the applications utilizing them extending,” he added. Applications that are straightforwardly influenced include: stabilizer water, consolidated sewage spills over, aquatics, pressure driven cracking, clinical gadgets, semi-guides, drugs from there, the sky is the limit.

As leader of a main supplier of UV innovation, Lawal keeps an engaged methodology with a nearby eye towards moral worries. “We actually must don’t pursue faster routes for momentary business gains,” he says. “As the circle and impact of UV innovation develops, and new specialized arrangements like UV-LED’s opened up, we really want to guarantee all partners: controllers, process planners and clients figure out the basic issues. Guideline is significant – it should strong yet empower. Process configuration should be sound and guarantee consistent incorporation with different advancements. Furthermore, at last the innovation should be executed in a way that permits protected and solid activity.”

There is no question that the tidiness of water influences the existences of individuals around the world. By zeroing in his labor of love on working on the nature of public water and wastewater with UV innovation, Lawal is repeating his folks’ vision for a cleaner climate and making the vital moves to carry out this by pursuing these objectives consistently.

Deborah Martinez is the Executive Director of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) in Washington, D.C. She gives initiative, vital direction and the executives for the everyday tasks of IUVA.

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