My Mental Health Journey


Like a roller coaster my mental health journey is filled with ups and downs, however, each twist and turn gives me the opportunity to grow and appreciate the ride. If you are also struggling with mental health, I guarantee that you can rise from the ashes and learn to love the strong person you’ve become!

Odyssey recognizes that mental well-being is a huge component of physical wellness. Our mission this month is to bring about awareness & normality to conversations around mental health from our community. Let’s recognize the common symptoms and encourage the help needed without judgement or prejudice. Life’s a tough journey, we are here for you and want to hear from you.

Except for close friends and family, my struggle is mental health isn’t something I typically share. However, I feel compelled to come out of hiding and tell my story in hopes of inspiring others facing similar challenges. I ask you to keep in mind that no two people are alike and to remember that everyone has different coping mechanisms. How you handle difficult emotions won’t look entirely similar to how I cope with them, and that’s okay! No two people are alike, we live in a diverse society, and it’s integral that we respect and honor our differences. Although I’m aware that not everyone comes from a religious background, I will discuss how my faith aided my path to recovery. Please be respectful as I vulnerably share my deepest thoughts and feelings. Without further ado, here is my story. I hope you find it beneficial and helpful regardless of where you are on the roller coaster of life!

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