Ja Morant NFT Price


The market for Ja Morant trading cards is exploding. In addition to winning Rookie of the Year, he was also able to match up with Stephen Curry during a play-in game last year. His stellar play has caused the price of his high-end cards to skyrocket this season. In May 2020, his Blue Ice Prizm /99 PSA 9 was valued at $1,776. In August, his Blue Prizm /1999 PSA 9 sold for $4,650.

In December 2021, Ja Morant’s Black/Gold Prizm /5 sold for $108,000. In March 2022, the same card sold for $194,400. With a BGS 9.5 grade, a copy of this card could be worth more than $200k today. The price of a Ja-Morant rookie card could reach $300k if the Grizzlies win the NBA title. As the market grows, so will the demand for Ja-Morant cards.

With the recent Ja Morant NFT Price, the value of trading cards has skyrocketed. Since joining the Grizzlies, the former Duke star has become the latest hot commodity. The COVID-19 pandemic and the 19-20 rookie class have fueled the boom in trading card values, and the emergence of the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft paired with the No. 2 pick in the NFL, and a raging market for trading cards, there’s no shortage of hot players in the market.

The Ja Morant dunks have seen a meteoric rise in value. His Black/Gold Prizm /5 sold for $108,000 in December and $194k in March. Those cards with a BGS 9.5 grade are likely to hit $200k or $300k today. If the Grizzlies do win the championship, Ja Morant cards could even reach $300k. The prices of these rare cards will continue to climb.

The dunks of the Grizzlies’ Ja Morant are rising in value and a few days with the purchase of the dunks is worth $1,997. The dunks are also being sold by Grizzlies fans for a lot more than they were originally paid for it. It’s likely that the price of the dunks will rise further once the Grizzlies win the championship.

The dunk of Ja Morant has soared in value in the secondary market. He has become a favorite among collectors of NBA trading cards and has a population of over 20k. The Grizzlies are expected to make the playoffs again this year and he was widely expected to prove himself as the best player in the league. But the trade-offs of the rookie have made the dunks even more expensive.

The rookie season of Morant was electrifying. The PG almost posterized Kevin Love in his first game. The season was postponed due to COVID-19, but when it did return, the Jazz were in the playoffs. Luckily for the fan, the NBA hobby noticed the rookie season of Morant. Despite the hype, the game was the only thing on the planet at the time.

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