How To Survive Your 20s As An Outgoing Introvert


Between glamorous talks of “the roaring 20s” or the famed 21st birthday bash that comes with the pressure of consuming large amounts of alcohol with your friends and feeling viciously hungover the next day, there can be a lot of pressure to spend your free time constantly surrounded by others as a newly turned adult. Struggling to balance both having a social life while creating time for yourself to recharge is real, and if you’re anything like me, the idea of going to a packed club seems highly unappealing and overstimulating, but fear not! There are plenty of ways to have fun in your twenties that do not involve being drenched in sweat at a crowded party or bar. For my fellow social butterflies who are more sensitive to stimuli and need ample quiet time to recharge, here are some of my go-to strategies that have allowed me to let both my outgoing and more quiet, reflective sides thrive simultaneously as an almost 22-year-old:

1) Invite friends for a night in

When going out for a night of drinks and dancing feels like it might be too much, pick up the phone and invite some friends over! This creates a “win-win” situation in balancing social activity with staying in the comforts of your own home. Whether it’s a movie, spa, charcuterie, karaoke, or craft night, the opportunities for hosting friends are endless. What’s better than laughing the night away with friends while in cozy pajamas painting canvases and feasting on some Brie? Even if this seems a bit out of your social realm, you can even invite just one friend over at a time and go from there. I love this option personally because of the flexibility and freedom it provides and how much you can really customize the experience!

2)Explore new places

What’s that one place you have always wanted to go but never had the chance to? Well, now’s your time to explore it! Whether it’s visiting a friend in a different state, backpacking the Swiss alps, or maybe just trying the new Thai place down the street, exploring new places can widen your perspective and allow you to talk with others without getting too socially exhausted. You can also fully participate in these activities alone, which can build confidence when requesting help, making an appointment or reservation, or even just asking for the check or how much something costs.

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