GMK Metaverse R2 Keyboard


The GMK Metaverse R2 is a high-quality, budget-friendly alternative to a gaming keyboard. This mechanical keyboard uses a pbt dye-sub keycap and honeywell profiles to create a premium gaming experience. The GMK Metaverse R2 is available in several colors, including black, red, blue, purple, and white. A high-quality rubber and fabric design makes this a durable, low-maintenance alternative.

The GMK Metaverse R2 keyboard has 138 keys and a monochromatic design based on the game persona 5. The keyboard also comes with a desk mat. It will be shipping in 2020 and will come with GMK Honeywell clone keycaps and MX switches, making it the closest to the real thing. Moreover, it costs only $125 on Kickstarter.

The GMK Metaverse R2 keyboard is a great buy for gamers. At $125, this new product will be available on the market in 2020. The GMK Metaverse R2 keyboard will be made from pbt dye-subbed cherry profile keycaps. It will be compatible with mx switches and has GMK Honeywell clone keycaps. If you’re looking for an authentic GMK mechanical keyboard, you should buy the GMK Metaverse R2 if you want to get a close look at the upcoming gaming peripheral.

Whether you’re looking for a new keyboard or a replacement, the GMK Metaverse R2 can help you save money on keycaps. Moreover, the company offers other products and services to enhance your gaming experience. Apart from its keyboards, GmK also makes GMK Honeywell clone and GMK metaverse r2 clones. For a better experience, you can try out one of the products or services offered by GmK.

The GMK Metaverse R2 keycap is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a replacement keycap. The company has a great reputation for providing quality products and services. Its customers have been happy with the quality of its product. However, it is still expensive and the GMK honeywell clone are not very cheap. You can save money by getting a new GMK Metaverse R2 on the market.

The GMK Metaverse R2 is available on Kickstarter for $125. It’s a high-quality wob/bow set inspired by the Japanese video game Persona 5. Its keycaps are pbt dye-subbed cherry profiles. In addition to the GMK Metaverse R2’s top-quality materials, it also features a great deal of customization options. Aside from a wide variety of color choices, the GMK metaverse R2 is available in a 20-key spacebar kit.

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