Basketball Vs. Hockey


It is not outlandish to suggest that there are cultural differences between hockey players and basketball players. It is no secret that the NBA is made up of mostly black athletes and the NHL is predominantly Caucasian. But the differences are not based on race, rather the culture of the two sports is to blame.

The first example is the difference in penalties and fouls. In hockey, there is checking. In basketball…well, it is a foul on the defense if they get run into or someone jumps to shoot, and leans forward to bump them. Yeah…that is pretty bad.

In basketball, you pretty much have to be tall, extremely tall. The average NBA player is 6-foot-6! Hockey players often don’t even reach six feet tall. art arty artya abyte art arty artya abyteart arty artya abyteart arty artya abyteart arty artya abyte abyteart

In basketball, you can have one superstar who, as long as he has some useful role players, produce a decent team. Trade for another superstar and you have a top team. Buy another big-time player in free agency and your franchise is now a favorite to win the title. Does that sound familiar?

Of course, the Miami Heat come to mind for hoarding the Big Three (LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade) but their path to success wasn’t much different than the Celtics from a few years before. They had Paul Pierce and brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (and drafted Rajon Rondo). Now, they didn’t bring in the best player in the league, but both essentially transformed from mediocre to a top level almost overnight.

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