10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mild Technique Lucid Dreaming


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mild Technique Lucid Dreaming

There are several different techniques used to induce lucid dreaming or let you know that you’re dreaming in the first place. You can search all sorts of searches related to lucid dreaming and find specific techniques.  

So one technique is to use the ‘MILD’ technique of lucid dreaming, and another uses the ‘WAKEFUL’ technique of lucid dreaming.

Mild Technique for Lucid Dreamers

The mild technique lucid dreamers are more interested in “waking up” during a dream and redoing the dream, then feeling there and being able to do things in the dream environment with complete awareness. The WAKEFUL lucid dreamers are more interested in being able to experience the quality of dreaming while dreaming. So the WAKEFUL lucid dreamers have slightly different goals from the mild technique lucid dreamers.

Also, there is another method to lucid dreaming where you are in a regular body and mind state. Still, something seems to be blocking you from being able to enter an enhanced lucid dreaming state while waking.

10 Facts you should know before starting mild technique lucid dreaming

  1. Mild Technique Lucid Dreaming should never be practiced after a full day of work or school, as the body needs time to recover and revitalize. 
  2. You can use a technique to induce lucid dreaming, which involves taking a pill or drinking tea that contains L-theanine (which helps increase the brain’s focus and concentration) before going to sleep. 
  3. It may be difficult for first-time lucid dreamers to realize that they’re dreaming, as it is quite rare for them. 
  4. Ideally, we should keep our minds clear and focus on something that we want in our dreams, such as reliving the moment of winning an election or bathing in waterfalls. 
  5. Try to make sure you get adequate sleep before going to bed to have a good chance of lucid dreaming! 
  6. It’s best to fall asleep with a glass of water by your side, as it helps you relax. 
  7. Regularly practice certain techniques (as mentioned on the main page), such as lucid dreaming induction and luci

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